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TC-3000C  Bluetooth Test Set !

The TC-3000C Bluetooth Tester combines all of the necessary features required for testing Bluetooth modules and products in a single unit. Designed for applications in R&D, manufacturing, QA, and service, this versatile instrument is also lightweight and portable, and may be operated from all standard AC supplies. In addition to Bluetooth testing applications, the TC-3000C may also be used as a general purpose RF source and receiver for testing  transceivers in 2.4GHz ISM band.


  RF  TEM  Cells

The RF Tem Cell is ideal for  "Over-the-Air" testing while providing Radio Frequency shielding of the device under test. Typical applications include  EMI/EMC testing, receiver sensitivity and transmitter radiated power measurement.  Our TEM cells are made of high quality cast aluminum lined with RF absorption material. We can also quote on a custom TEM Cell.

  RF  Shielded  Enclosures  /  RF Shield Boxes

These manually operated shield boxes feature, Long life, High RF field attenuation, wide usable bandwidth. Optional built-in test fixture and antenna coupler. Units can be customized to meet customers data and RF connection needs. Our RF shielded test fixtures are well suited for testing 802.11a and 802.11b cards, Mobile phones as well as WAN, PCMCIA, PCI and Bluetooth  PCBs.

Pneumatic / Automatic RF Shield Boxes

These RF Enclosures are ideal for mass production. Lid may open / closed via push button switch(s)  or  by  RS-232 computer control.  All boxes require a compressed air source for operation. Custom device fixtures and I/O  ports  are  available upon request.   Incorporates advanced safety features not found elsewhere.

  RF  Accessories

  Pager  Test   Equipment

The defacto industry standard in 2-Way and 1-Way  pager testing. Supports ReFlex 25/50, FLEX, POCSAG & ERMES protocol. Full base station emulation and RS-232C control make this the choice of manufacturers and repair centers world wide.

  DAB Tester - Eureka 147 Test

Our Digital Audio Broadcasting DAB tester combines all the test features required for DAB testing within a single unit.  Supports Eureka-147 protocol.

   Bluetooth  Test  Equipment

The TC-3000A Bluetooth Tester combines all of the necessary features required for testing Bluetooth modules and products in a single unit.  Designed for applications in R&D,  manufacturing,  QA, and service.

RF ID Test Set

Our RF ID Tester integrates all required functions for Reading, Tag testing, emulation and performance testing of RF ID tags into a single unit.  Supports 860MHz ~ 960MHz RFID, ISO/IEC 18000-6C (EPC C1 G2) Air Interface Protocol and Korean mobile RFID standard.

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